Free shipping Dirt Bike for my son.

Finally a place that doesn’t hide shipping cost,, what you see is the cost **
Answers your emails in English….,, keeps to his shipping schedule. Speaks English……
Trying to buy a dirt bike online used to be a huge headache,, what you got was not what the picture looked like. Have had dealers promise you options on a bike that didn’t even exist,, hoping that you would never return the bike back due to shipping & restock cost..,,
You have to pick 3 colors hoping one would show up. Then it did an it was 2nd hand quality… no more..


Bike arrived in perfect condition..Good Quality.. Shipping service used was excellent,, on time,, no excuses. No damage,, .
You have a new customer to add to your list now,. 🙂 Great Job.

2021 Linhai Woodsman 300

We bought an ATV from JR in 2021. We’ve now put over 300 hours on it with no problems. The ATV does more than we thought it would. We’ve harrowed pastures, hauled loaded trailers, traveled off road, and generally used it to get around our 10 acres in snow, mud, water, etc. Easy to use, starts every time, easy to maintain. JR is a pleasure to deal with – a real honest man who stands behind what he sells.

Submitted by Glenn & Dana Flaherty

Highly recommend!!

Bought 2 2020 Haosen 250 DLX Enduro bikes. One for me and one for my son. Great product, excellent service and fantastic price. I was so impressed, I came back and bought my wife a quad! She loves it! Highly recommend!!

Submitted by Jeff Marten


This is a great Scooter! I didn’t have to assemble the thing! I just put gas in it and started it up!!! Now I’m getting over 100 MPG and 60+ miles per hour. I love it!!

Submitted by Susan - Boise, -

Roketa 260 cc ATV

Thanks JR for all your help with the parts for the Roketa 260 ATV. I appreciate the effort that you put in. Cheers Austrailia Paul.
Thanks very much!

Submitted by Paul Beswick -, Austrailia -

Roketa 110 cc Go-Kart

JR – Thanks for your help on identifying and getting the head gaskets and rings for me for the Roketa 110cc Go-Kart! I couldn’t find much information on my own, even on the internet, and you furnished everything I needed, and in a very timely manner, too. You’re at the top of my list for parts and information!

CALL TOM! 208-219-0839 for Maintenance and Repair
21 N. 850 W.
Paul, ID 83347

Submitted by Tom Wagner - Paul, ID - CALL TOM!

Motobravo GK_250 go cart

I’m very impressed by ThriftyScooters’ efficiency and knowledge. I Sent JR a picture of a Motobravo GK 250 Dune buggy spline with a brief description of what I was looking for. He came back with a price and availability the same day. That was impressive but what was even more impressive was that he went out of his way to accomodate me by making sure I could get my part the following day(friday) just in time for my w/end outting. Price for part and shipping were very honest and fair. I live in Southern California and there are a few dealers here but none have after sale service like Thrifty does. Shop Thriftyscooters with confidence!
James, Southern California

Submitted by james cauvier

Chinese Scooter Parts

Exceptional parts support for a scooter they don’t sell. They were able to find the odd ball parts I needed. Thanks Again Sam R

Submitted by Samuel H Ruppenthal

KMD MUV 110cc

I just wanted to say that not only was this a great company to order from but the product and the customer service I have received was well beyond what I expected. I did not have to do a thing the utility vechicle (I call it a miniture Rhino)showed up ready to go, so all I did was put a red bow on it and surprise my son the next day. Thanks to JR my son had a wonderful birthday present on time (no thanks to me orderig it late…lol) but you took great care of us. Thank you again 🙂

Submitted by Ashley Garrett

Wheel for NST DB200 Enduro


I have to take a moment to say THANK YOU! I have been looking for rear wheels for my two NST DB200 Enduros for nearly nine months. I live near Salt Lake City, UT. I have talked to people all over the country from Florida to California to Washington. Most said they could not help me. A handful tried but were never able to deliver. Some even tried China. I even contacted the manufacturer. First they sent me the wrong wheel and then they told me they could not help me. I was pretty to surprised to hear that the manufacturer could not even help me.

JR, you have been the only person on this planet to help me. What makes it even better is the quality of the wheels. The spokes are a heavier gauge and the hub is a higher quality metal.

Thanks for coming through for me when no one else on the planet was able to help. You were great to work with. Your expertise with the DB200 really put me at ease. I thought I had made the biggest mistake in my life. You made me happy with my motorcycles again. I would recommend you to anyone.

Thanks again for your help,
Mark McArthur
Taylorsville, UT

Submitted by Mark McArthur