Safety Tips



  • We recommend rider should be over 16 yrs. old. 
  • Speeds in excess of 40 mph increases risk and are not recommended. 
  • We highly recommend that you use a DOT approved motorcycle helmet & safety gears which can be purchased at our store.
  • Turning at high speeds on any motorcycle, dirt bike, ATV, or moped/scooter is dangerous and not recommended. 
  • Using the front brake while turning is highly dangerous! 
  • Rider must check front and rear brake before operating the ATV, dirt bike or moped/scooter. 
  • Do not touch any hot muffler or engine part. Otherwise, it may cause a burn. 
  • Do not ride in rain, or when it is snowing, slippery surface, or unstable surface such as gravel, sand, etc. 
  • Rider should carefully read manual before riding the ATV, dirt bike, or moped/scooter. 
  • Obey local traffic safety laws and always wear a helmet, appropriate eyewear and proper apparel. 
  • Do not operate mopeds/scooters on steep inclines or unpaved surfaces. 
  • Do not operate any vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 
  • Always inspect the tires before operating. 
  • Women who are pregnant or think they may be pregnant should not operate any of these vehicles. 
  • We at Thriftyscooters, are not responsible for any accident, injury, or death due to negligent driving, racing, or by not following the manual, the local laws caused by operator.



1. This bike is not designed or intended for stunt riding, donuts, racing, or any form of competition.

2. The safe operation of this bike is dependent upon the operator’s ability to exercise proper judgement. 

  • Operator must not be too small or too large for controlled operation. 
  • Operator must be of sufficient age, understanding, mental capacity and physical capability to safely operate this bike. 
  • This bike should only be operated after mature, supervised, instruction and sufficient practice in a contorlled environment. 

3. Long hair, loose clothes, or jewelry can get caught in moving parts below or behind the seat or surrounding environment. Remove or tie anything loose that can reach below or behind the seat before riding.

4. Persons with the following conditions shall not ride in or operate this bike. 

  • Persons under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or intoxicants shall not supervise, operate, or ride in this bike. 
  • Those with heart conditions shall not ride or operate this bike. 
  • Pregnant women shall not ride or operate this bike. 
  • Persons with head, back, or neck ailments, or prior surgeries to those areas of the body; 
  • Persons with any mental or physical conditions, which may make them susceptible to injury or impair their physical dexterity or mental capabilities to recognize, understand, and perform all of the safety instructions, and be able to assume the hazards inherent in this bike use shall not ride or operate this bike. 

5. The under-aged person is strongly forbidden for use this bike. (shall observe minimum age restrictions. # See Warning sticker or Manual)

6. This bike shall be operated only with adequate lighting and under conditions of suitable visibility.

7. This bike shall not be used for transportation.

8. Operator or passenger-if GoKart always shall use appropriate protective clothing, including but not limited to a motorcycle helmet and eye protection, with appropriate certification, and any other equipments including gloves, footwear, long sleeve shirts, and long pants.

9. This bike is operator only. No passenger is allowed except Go Kart.

10. No operator, passenger, or other person shall contact any portion of the engine, wheels, or drive train for any purpose including maintenance until the engine has been turned off and allowed to cool, and this bike is in stable and stationary position.

11. This bike components shall be maintained and repaired in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and utilizing only the manufacturer’s authorized replacement parts with installation preformed by designated dealers or other skilled persons.

12. Do not operate this bike on any public road, street, highway, sidewalk or alley.

13. NEVER adjust, repair or clean this bike while it is in motion.

14. NEVER place hands, feet, any body parts or clothing near the engine, wheels, chain and other rotating parts of this bike while riding or running the engine. 

  • Use caution after the engine has been running, since the engine and other drive components may be extremely HOT. 

15. NEVER start the engine without the operator properly seated and the gear is in neutral position.

16. STOP the engine and disconnect spark plug wire if this bike makes unusual noises, vibration. Check for damage : Excessive noise or vibration is a sign of loose or worn parts.

17. KEEP the engine free of dirt and debris, especially in the throttle linkage area.

18. Wet, slippery, rough or sloped terrain is potentially dangerous and may result in injury or death if proper caution is not observed. 

  • Operator must use mature judgment, skill and experience to choose a speed suitable for terrain and riding condition. 
  • Operator must use mature judgment, skill and experience in choosing suitable terrain for individual operational capabilities. 

19. Always slow down when turning. 

  • High-speed turning can cause loss of control, possible turn-over and/or possible injury or death. 
  • Turning on a slope increases the risk of rollover. 
  • Practice operation is required to coordinate turning skill. 
  • Failure to operate this bike at a safe speed while turning can result in a strong possibility of severe injury or death. 

20. When turning on pavement, loose gravel, or similar surfaces, there is an increased risk in loss of control. – ALWAYS SLOW DOWN.

21. Excessive speed is potentially dangerous to operator, and others.

22. During STORAGE, keep this bike in a place where gasoline fumes will not reach an open flame, spark or other source of ignition 

  • For long term storage, fuel tank should be drained in an open, cool area. 
  • Engine must be allowed to cool before storage in any enclosure. 
  • NEVER store this bike in close proximity to appliances such as hot water heaters or furnaces. 

23. This bike shall not be modified from the manufacturer’s original design & configuration.

24. IF YOUR BIKE IS UNDER 70CC ATV – Never allow under-aged person to ride on this bike. 

  • Parents or adult guardians must supervised your kid all the time. 
  • Parents or adult guardians must choose terrain suitable for your child’s driving capability. 
  • Parents or adult guardians must determine suitable speed for your child’s driving capability. 
  • MUST teach and have your kid practice how to use “EMERGENCY KILL SWITCH”.