Universal Parts 24 Volt, 5-Pin Controller for Currie


LogoUniversal Parts 24 Volt, 5-Pin Controller for Currie.

*Please note: The Over Charge Protector (Charge Inhibitor) does not need to be hooked up. It is a safety feature on newer model scooters so that the scooter won’t run while it’s charging. This controller works with older models without using the Over Charge Protector plug.

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  • 24 Volt
  • 30 Amp

  • DC Brush motor

  • 5 Plugs as follows:

    • Throttle: 5-pin male(orange/black/red/green/gray)

    • Power: 2 single (red/black male/female plug)

    • Motor: 2-pin (blue/green female plug)

    • Over Charge Protector: 1-pin (red male plug) *Please note: this plug does not have to be hooked up

    • Brake: 2-pin (black/white male plug)

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