Universal Parts 24 Volt 2.0 Amp XLR HP1202B Battery Charger


LogoUniversal Parts Premium quality 24 volt 2.0 amp XLR HP1202B battery charger for use on sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries of size 7ah or larger. Typical applications include electric scooters, mobility scooters, and power chairs equipped with an off-board charging female XLR socket. It comes with 3-prong adapter plug.

The High Power HP1202B features an automatic shut-off when the battery charging cycle is complete. Your charging time may vary according to the level of battery depletion. The charger features LED indicator lights and included power cord.

This charger was used as the factory original charger for many ActiveCare scooter models and is also compatible with many different models of mobility scooters and power chairs.

Compatible with the following makes/models:

  • ActiveCare Medical Cobalt / Medical Cobalt X23 / Medical Spitfire 1310 / Medical Spitfire 1410 / Medical Spitfire EX 1420 / Medical Spitfire EX 1420 21AH
  • Bruno Rio 3
  • C.T.M. Homecare HS-320 / Homecare HS-360
  • Drive Medical Spitfire EX 1320 / 1420
  • Foldawheel Spitfire 4
  • Freerider FR168-3A2 / FR168-3A3 / FR168-4A
  • Golden Buzzaround (GB101/GB104/XP3) / Buzzaround Lite (GB106, GB106XR, XP3) / Buzzaround LT (GB107) / Buzzaround XL 3-Wheel (GB116) / Buzzaround XL 4-Wheel (GB146) / Buzzaround XL HD 3-Wheel (GB117H) / Buzzaround XL HD 4-Wheel (GB147H) / Buzzaround XLS 3-Wheel (GB117S) / Buzzaround XLS 4-Wheel (GB147S) / Buzzaround XLS HD 3-Wheel (GB117Z) / Buzzaround XLS HD 4-Wheel (GB147Z) / LiteRider (GL110/GL140) / LiteRider PTC
  • Merits Mini Coupe (S539) Scooter / Mini Coupe (S549) Scooter
  • Pride Travel Pro (S36)
  • Rascal LiteWay 214 / Rascal LiteWay 224
  • Revolution Mobility RoRo 3 / RoRo 4 / RoRo Jr
  • Zip’r Mobility Roo

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  • Model: HP1202B
  • Input: 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Output: 24 VDC, 2.0A

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